Fundraising Auctioneer Berkshire

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Tel: 07974 357 911

Fundraising Auctioneers Berkshire.

For all Fundraising Events across Berkshire & Southern England.

OZ the fun Berkshire fundraising Auctioneer & Magician

From SMALL – LARGE fundraising or charity events across Greater London, Berkshire & southern England.

Oz will gain as many funds as possible and has amazing ideas to help you to improve

and to achieve your fundraising goals.

Link to Magic OZ the Magic Circle family, corporate, and special events magician CLICK HERE

OZ who gets thise extra funds in as the fun Berkshire Fundraising and Charity Auctioneer

Berkshire Fundraising Auctioneer for hire

The fun OZ is a professional full-time Berkshire fundraising & charity auctioneer, Emcee, Magician across Berkshire & Southern England who raises

 huge amounts every year for private charities, for schools and other fundraising & charity organizations all over the UK.

Berkshire Fundraising and Charity Auctioneer oz make your next event get bigger and betterFundraising Auctioneer Berkshire OZFundraising Auctioneer Berkshire and Charity Auctioneer Mr OZ

Oz will get more funds from your special guests guaranteed and offers great advice before your Berkshire charity event so please give Oz a call today.

Charming and energetic this fun Berkshire fundraising Charity Auctioneer, he utilizes his humor, sharp wit to enthrall the audience and making every

event a memorable one and to gain larger than normal funds.

His energy is infectious and he knows how to encourage the audience for participating in the bidding frenzy fundraising across Southern England.

Tel:  07974 357 911

Oz Charming and energetic fundraising Auctioneer Berkshire

From a recent client.

Berkshire Fundraising Auctioneer and a top Charity Auctioneer OZ

This is a wonderful fundraising charity and looking forward to getting even more funds for them all next year.

Fundraising Auctioneer for hire All over Berkshire & southern England

The really fun way to raise funds at your next charity event in Berkshire & Southern England so why not give OZ  a call TODAY. GUARANTEED

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